SLIDESHOW of tkGUI images

demonstrating various Tk widgets, styles, and capabilities

GIF , JPG , PNG files - of various sizes

By default, images are scaled to FIT an area about the size of your viewport area.
But you have zoomIN, zoomOUT, and original-size functions --- below,
on the left, mid-image --- to over-ride the default image-fitting function.
If the image is blurred, try 'original-size'.
AutoSlideshow : Start Stop
Delay secs:


Img Step Controls :

Img Size Controls :



You can use the 'plusONE' link above to advance through the images, one image at a time.

Or, click on the 'Start' link to start an automatic slideshow. You can change the 'Delay secs' to speed up or slow down the show.

Also, you can click on the 'plus' or 'minus' controls while the auto-slideshow is going, to adjust the position of the slideshow. Similarly, you can click on the img-SIZE controls while the slideshow is going.

This slideshow page works with Mozilla and Firefox browsers. It works with some versions of other browsers, like Microsoft IE (Internet Explorer) and Opera. Maybe Mac Safari.

Bottom of tkGUI images SLIDESHOW page - FIT images to browser window size.

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