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Linux :

Linux Installs :

  • OVERVIEW of Linux Installs (2009 to present)
    (A MENU of LINKS to Ubuntu-MATE install descriptions --- including the following older Linux install descriptions)

    • Ubuntu Install Notes (2009-2011)
      (Description of installs on several of my computers, including 'netbooks'. Also, description and screenshots of partitioning a hard drive while overlaying a previous Linux install.)

    • Linux Mint Install Notes (2011 Nov, 2012 Jun)
      (Description of install on two Acer AO722 11.6" netbook computers --- including description of solving a Broadcom wireless connection problem --- and installing the 'semi-rolling' LMDE distro.)

    • Linux UEFI Install Notes (Preliminary) (2013)
      (Description of a 'Live' install of Linux Mint Debian Edition on an Acer netbook with Windows 8 pre-installed with 'secure boot'.)

Trouble-shooting on Linux :

Finishing Touches to Linux Installs :

Adding Apps to Old Linux Installs :

Linux Notes/Guides :

  • Linux Guides (of Others) for Applications, SysAdmin, and Programming
    (an archive of PDFs, links, config file images)

  • my Linux notes/guides on

    • Gnome desktop and Nautilus file manager issues
    • on Image Creation-Editing utilities (especially 'mtpaint')
    • on 3D viewers, converters, and test/demo files,
    • on Audio-Video Editing utilities,
    • on CD-DVD utilities, etc. etc.

    (For more image processing utilities, see the Handy Shell Scripts link above.)

Audio/Video Topics :

Special Topics :

Linux Q and A :

  • Linux Questions-and-Answers (2005-2010)
    --- grouped into about 40 categories --- such as Audio , ... , Backups, ... , monitor-Display , ... , Installs (of Linux) , ... , Security , ... , System-Admin , ... , Video , ... , Web Server , ...

Special Linux Install Topics :     (outdated now, but perhaps still instructive)

Web Development :

  • demo pages of 'seamless tiles' for web pages

  • decorative images for web pages - 'decopics'
    (1) animated images and (2) still images

  • JavaScript Examples
    'complete' HTML-plus-JavaScript(-plus-CSS) examples

  • JavaScript Queries on Browsers and DOM Objects
    utilities for HTML-JavaScript-CSS programmers --- and for the curious

    in particular, 'bookmarklets' to reduce frustrations in web browsing
    (bookmarklets for extracting info from 'busy' web pages)

  • Screen DPI from 'Ruler Images'
    (images to measure the image rendering quality of small screen devices)

  • How-To put nice math expressions in web pages
    using 'MathJax' (and 'MathML')

  • a collection of web page templates. (circa 2011 ; need updating)

    • a basic web page of several blocks of text and a few decorative images --- blog-like
    • a basic web page of photos, medium-res, down the page, with links to original or higher-res photos/scans
    • a web page of a table of thumbnails (6 per row), with thumbnail-links to larger photos
    • a web page of a table with 2 columns, suitable to record runs and run-times, OR stocks and dividend info, OR stocks and exec compensation, OR ...
    • a web page of a table with 3 columns
    • a web page of a table with 4 columns
    • web pages with a Table of Contents pointing to content sections in the lower part of the page (the content could be groups of links, groups of photos, text blocks)
    • a web page with a Table of Contents (TOC) pointing to content on a separate web page for each TOC line-item
  • Also see the HTML-generating scripts via the 'Handy Commands and Scripts' page of the Linux section, above.

  • colors for web pages
    (for old, 256-colors-or-less monitors)

Computer PERFORMANCE :   (irrespective of operating system)

Desktop Decoration :   (for any OS --- Linux, Apple, Microsoft, etc.)

Tcl-Tk :

Computer SECURITY :

  • collected SPAM (bad mail) (esp. 'bad' IP addresses and ranges)

  • 'good-mail' addresses ('good' IP addresses and ranges) - someday?

  • IP addresses (ranges) TO ALLOW (white-list candidates) - someday?

  • IP addresses (ranges) TO DENY (black-list candidates) - someday?

    It would help if the organizations that assign internet addresses would assign a range/block of addresses to each country, in proportion to their population. (It may be too late for IPv4 addresses, but this should be done with the newer IPv6 addresses.)

    This would make it much, much easier for people/banks/governments/DNS/routers to block entire countries --- either temporarily (in case of emergency) or permanently (if no contact is needed/wanted with a country).

MICROSOFT (ugh) Notes :

  • Turbotax install on MS Windows - circa 2017-2018
    (notes to help migrate from installing-and-using Turbotax on a Windows 7 computer to Turbotax on a Windows 10 computer --- notes to be used along with the notes of the link below, on how to remove bloatware from Windows 10)

    Turbotax is the only piece of software that keeps me using a Microsoft Windows operating system. For all other computing needs --- software development, web site development, web browsing, email --- I use Linux.

  • MS Windows 10 Bloatware Cleanup - 2017 Apr
    (Windows10 un-install of unwanted 'apps' and interface icons --- on a new laptop PC --- Acer brand)

  • MS Windows XP to Windows 7 Upgrade - 2011 Nov
    (Windows 7 configuration --- and data migration ---
    during a computer upgrade after a motherboard fried)

  • How to Deactivate Annoying Microsoft XP Popups - 2009 Oct
    (four annoying popups)

  • Microsoft Apps E-Docs - pre-2007
    (some guides to Microsoft Windows apps --- mostly 1999-2000 guides)

Computer HARDWARE notes :

Digital Cameras:

Smart Phones:

  • TracFone phone info
    (especially for Samsung Galaxy phones)
    (Mobile 'smart' phones are micro-computers.)

TV-Video-Audio alternatives to cable TV:

  • Roku 'box' info
    to help access video and audio content via the internet --- and TRY to avoid cable-TV-channel commercials that are growing like cancer.
    (The Roku 'box' is a micro-computer.)

Network devices:


Some pages of external links related to
about ten different computer-topics are
here on the home page of this site.

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